Inspiration, design, attention
to detail and continuous
research and innovation to maintain
the strength of an idea over time.


The innovative electric movements,
the remote controls,
the memory foam padding
to pamper us on every occasion.


The modular sofas, ultra-customizable,
with washable and wear-resistant
fabrics to give simplicity to everyday life.


Hypoallergenic fabrics, natural leathers,
double relaxation for the health
of the neck and shoulders, eco-sustainable
fabrics for the health of our planet.

Centro stile Chateau d'Ax

75 years of life that have seen some of the greatest international designers from Cini Boeri to Corrado Dotti, from Michele De Lucchi to Ennio Arosio, just to name a few. 75 years of presence on the world stage, the charm of Made in Italy spread in over 80 countries around the world.

Corrado Dotti

Born in Brescia in 1970, Corrado Dotti graduated in Industrial Design in 1995 from the International College of Arts and Sciences in Milan. In 1999, he began collaborating with Matteo Thun as senior designer for almost four years before joining the Armani Casa team in 2002 for five years.

Studio Red

Placed in the heart of Brianza, home of design and furniture, Studio Red bases its philosophy on the continuous search for innovative solutions in terms of lines, expressions and contents, without ever neglecting the artisan tradition that has always distinguished made in Italy in the world.